Bayword Dolphins are Dying to Entertain you 

The Port Elizabeth Oceanarium, Bayworld, a government-owned institution, has been given permission by the Department of Environmental Affairs to go ahead with the dolphin hunt. We call on all tourists to boycott the Dolphin show at the Oceanarium. This is the only way YOU can send the message loud and clear that dolphins in captivity are NOT acceptable.

Demonstration 18 December 1999

Under a blazing African sun we gathered on the Marine drive in front of the Oceanarium to make our objection against the capture of live dolphins known and to gather signatures from the public which will be added to those signatures we received from the email petition. Every thing went very peaceful with a steady number of visitors collecting information pamphlets about why dolphins should be left in the wild and not jailed in concrete pools for our amusement and entertainment. We even convinced a good few visitors not to attend the dolphin show across the road!

A few wild dolphins showed their support in playing in the waves - you going to have to take my word that the little black fins really are dolphins - I guess I really must get that telephoto lens!

Our "friends" across the road did however contact the authorities, fearing an "invasion". Our local friendly police was just that: Very friendly and helpful and asked us to just do the correct thing next time and apply for permission to demonstrate. At no stage did they threaten us and we even had a nice photo opportunity.

Anyone familiar with the wind in Port Elizabeth will appreciate the effort it took to walk up and down the main beach road with this large banner that was generously made by WAG for POD and couriered down to us. Many thanks guys & girls & Linda for fetching it. The banner was marched for a few kilometres along the marine road - in a very strong wind. Thanks guys & girls - glad you didn't take off into the sky!


Attendance at the 11:00am dolphin show left a bit to be desired - in spite of the oceanarium handing out free entrance tickets. They seem to be a bit nervous about the popularity of POD - even went as far as handing out a pamphlet with how "good" they are and how "bad" we are. We're still waiting for written statistics from them as to the number of dolphins that were in their care and how they died, seeing as they dispute our number of dolphins deaths (33). They do acknowledge one death caused by "swallowing foreign material". What they omit is to say the "foreign material" was given to the dolphin by its trainer! This poor dolphin was fed with pebbles and never monitored that he got rid of the pebbles. An autopsy revealed more than 30Kg of pebbles in his stomach. 

Linda with a very graphic sign of how we feel about dolphins in captivity

Does Coke really support animals in captivity?